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Why bail out of jail? Here are some reasons you should consider when posting a bail bond for yourself or a loved one.

Protect/seek employment: Let’s face it, money is a very important tool to have leverage of when you find yourself on the wrong side of the law. You potentially face fines, fees and legal expenses that will add stress to you and your family if money isn’t available (or even if it is). You are also viewed differently in the eyes of the judge if you are an actively contributing member of society, which can also be taken into account if you’re eligible for work release or have a family that relies on your income.

Have control of your appearance: Along the same lines of employment, your personal character is taken into account during your journey from arraignment to sentencing. If you have the resources to bond out, secure a lawyer and come to your court dates in a suit and tie, you obviously reflect different character than someone with bed-head, a disheveled beard, handcuffs and an orange jumpsuit that smells like Fritos and feet.

Protect your rights as a defendant: Once you are booked in jail you lose the ability to control much of what happens to you, so getting out of jail sooner with the help of a Bail Bondsman can give you the ability to take control of your case and defense against the charges pending against you.

Better communication with counsel: Being able to communicate with your lawyer freely is a considerable advantage to help him and yourself gather the things you need to secure your defense.

Time with friends and family: Spending time with your friends and family can put you in a considerably better frame of mind and give you the strength and motivation you need to get through some of the struggles you will face, rather than being alone or even worse, people that will magnify your stress.

Counseling that reflects improved character: Taking advantage of your freedom is a very important time that can be used to seek counseling like Alcoholics Anonymous, anger management and many other programs that will reflect your charge as an isolated incident and that you are less likely to be a habitual offender.

Jail environment: Goes without saying, jail sucks. It’s not meant to be nice in there. You are meant to hate your time there as a deterrent to ever wanting to go back. The health environment is sub-par, stress levels are high, the food is awful and you have none of the above as options.

And always remember, “If we can’t get you out, you ain’t gettin’ out”